Picturing America Award Recipients

Please note that all data has been provided by applicants. As is the case with all user-generated content, 100% accuracy cannot be guaranteed. It may be necessary to check alternate spellings in the all state listing to verify all recipients.

The following list includes recipients from both our previous (2008) and current (2009) award rounds.

State City

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Ada Ada High School Library (2008)
Ada Ada Junior High Library (2008)
Ada Byng Elementary School (2008)
Ada Byng Junior High School (2009)
Ada Byng School District (2008)
Ada Center for Advancement of American History (2008)
Ada Francis Elementary School (2009)
Ada Glenwood Early Childhood Center (2008)
Ada Homer Elementary Library (2008)
Ada Latta Public School (2009)
Agra Agra Public School Library (2008)
Alex Alex Public Schools (2008)
Altus Altus High School Bulldog Academy (2008)
Altus Altus Intermediate School (2008)
Altus Altus Junior High School (2009)
Altus Altus Public Library (2008)
Altus Edgecomb Home School (2009)
Altus Moncrief Home School (2009)
Altus Schotel Home School (2009)
Altus Silliman Home School (2009)
Altus Will Rogers School (2009)
Alva Alva High School Library (2008)
Alva Alva Public Library (2009)
Anadarko Anadarko Community Library (2009)
Ardmore Ardmore High School Library (2008)
Ardmore Ardmore Middle School (2009)
Ardmore Ardmore Public Library (2008)
Ardmore Crittendon Home School (2009)
Ardmore Lincoln Elementary School (2008)
Arkoma Arkoma High School (2008)
Arkoma Singleton Elementary (2008)
Atoka Tushka Public School (2009)
Atoka Victory Life Academy (2008)
Avant Avant Elementary School (2009)
Barnsdall Barnsdall Elementary School (2008)
Bartlesville Bartlesville Mid-High School (2008)
Bartlesville Campos Home School (2009)
Bartlesville Howard Home School (2009)
Bartlesville Osage Hills School (2008)
Bartlesville Reilly Home School (2009)
Bartlesville St. John Catholic School (2008)
Bartlesville Wesleyan Christian School (2009)
Bartlesville Wheeler Home School (2009)
Battiest Battiest Public School (2008)
Beggs Beggs Elementary (2008)
Beggs Beggs High School (2009)
Beggs Pickard Home School (2009)
Bethany Bethany Earl Harris Elementary School (2008)
Bethany Lake Park Elementary (2008)
Bethany Western Oks Elementary (2009)
Billings Billings Public School (2009)
Bixby Bixby High School Library (2008)
Bixby Bixby North Elem. Media Center (2008)
Bixby Branch Home School (2009)
Bixby Central Elementary (2009)
Bixby Davis Home School (2009)
Blackwell Blackwell High School (2008)
Blanchard Bertrand Home School (2009)
Blanchard Blanchard Intermediate School (2008)
Blanchard Blanchard Middle School (2008)
Blanchard Bridge Creek Elementary Library (2009)
Blanchard Harris Home School (2009)
Blanchard Lewis Home School (2009)
Boise City Boise City High School (2009)
Boise City Soutar Memorial Library (2009)
Bokchito Rock Creek High School (2008)
Bowlegs Bowlegs Public School (2008)
Bristow Bristow Adventist School (2009)
Bristow Bristow Public Library (2009)
Bristow Newton Home School (2009)
Broken Arrow Arrow Springs Elementary School (2008)
Broken Arrow Borger Home School (2009)
Broken Arrow Broken Arrow Alternative Academy (2008)
Broken Arrow Broken Arrow High School (2008)
Broken Arrow Centennial Middle School (2008)
Broken Arrow Country Lane (2008)
Broken Arrow Dugger Home School (2009)
Broken Arrow Ernest Childers Middle School (2008)
Broken Arrow Ferguson Home School (2009)
Broken Arrow Grace Christian School (2009)
Broken Arrow Haskell Middle School (2008)
Broken Arrow Immanuel Christian Academy (2008)
Broken Arrow Indian Springs Elementary (2008)
Broken Arrow Leisure Park Elementary (2008)
Broken Arrow Liberty Elementary (2008)
Broken Arrow Lynn Wood Elementary School Library (2009)
Broken Arrow Michael Home School (2009)
Broken Arrow Nguyen Home School (2009)
Broken Arrow North Intermediate High School (2008)
Broken Arrow Oak Crest Elementary (2008)
Broken Arrow Oliver Middle School (2008)
Broken Arrow Rhoades Elementary (2008)
Broken Arrow Sequoyah Middle School (2008)
Broken Arrow South Intermediate High School (2008)
Broken Arrow Thompson Home School (2009)
Broken Arrow Vandever Media Center (2009)
Broken Arrow Westwood Elementary (2008)
Broken Bow Broken Bow Public Library (2008)
Buffalo Buffalo Public School (2008)
Burlington Burlington School (2008)
Byars Byars School (2008)
Byars Elliott Home School (2009)
Cache Neville Home School (2009)
Calvin Calvin Public School (2008)
Canute Canute Public School (2009)
Carmen Carmen Public Library (2009)
Carnegie Carnegie Elementary School (2009)
Carnegie Carnegie High School (2009)
Carney Carney Public School Library (2008)
Catoosa Catoosa High School (2008)
Catoosa Cherokee Elementary (2008)
Catoosa Helen Paul Learning Center (2008)
Catoosa J.W. Sam Elementary (2008)
Catoosa Wells Middle School (2008)
Chandler Chandler Media Center Library (2009)
Chandler Chandler Public Library (2009)
Chandler Mueller Homeschool (2009)
Chandler Park Road Elementary Library (2009)
Chickasha Bill Wallace Early Childhood Center Library (2008)
Chickasha Chickasha Public Library (2009)
Chickasha King Home School (2009)
Chickasha Koehler Home School (2009)
Choctaw Choctaw Elementary School (2008)
Choctaw Choctaw High School (2009)
Choctaw Choctaw Junior High School (2009)
Choctaw Indian Meridian Elementary (2008)
Choctaw Nicoma Park Junior High Library (2008)
Chouteau Chouteau High School (2008)
Claremore Bower Home School (2009)
Claremore Central Upper Elementary Library (2009)
Claremore Claremont Elementary School (2008)
Claremore Dean Home School (2009)
Claremore Excelsior Home Educators Cooperative (2008)
Claremore Sequoyah Elementary (2008)
Claremore Verdigris Elementary School (2008)
Claremore Westside Elememtary Media Center (2008)
Claremore Will Rogers Jr. High Library (2008)
Clayton Clayton High School (2009)
Cleveland Cleveland Intermediate School (2008)
Cleveland Cleveland Middle School (2008)
Cleveland Jay C. Byers Memorial Library (2008)
Clinton Washington Elementary School (2008)
Coalgate Coalgate High School (2009)
Colcord Colcord Public Schools (2009)
Collinsville Wilson Elementary Library (2008)
Commerce Commerce High Schhol (2008)
Cordell Cordell Secondary (2009)
Corn Washita Heights Elementary School (2009)
Corn Washita Heights School (2008)
Coweta Coweta Central Elementary School (2008)
Coweta Coweta High School (2008)
Coweta Coweta Intermediate Grade Center (2008)
Coweta Coweta Junior High (2008)
Coweta Coweta Northwest Elementary School (2008)
Coweta Coweta Public Library (2008)
Coweta Coweta Southside Elementary School (2008)
Coweta Wilson Home School (2009)
Coyle Coyle Public School Library (2008)
Crescent Crescent Community Library (2008)
Crescent Crescent Elementary School (2009)
Crescent Crescent High School (2009)
Cushing Cushing High School (2008)
Cushing Harmony Elementary School (2009)
Cushing Porter Home School (2009)
Cyril Cyril Public Schools (2008)
Davis Davis Middle School Library (2009)
Del City Kerr Middle School (2008)
Del City Townsend Elementary (2008)
Duncan Duncan High School (2009)
Duncan Duncan Middle School (2009)
Duncan Emerson Elementary (2008)
Duncan Empire Public Schools (2008)
Duncan Horace Mann Elementary School Library (2008)
Duncan Jech Home School (2009)
Duncan Mark Twain (2008)
Duncan Woodrow Wilson Elementary (2008)
Durant Durant Middle School (2009)
Durant Rock Creek Elementary (2008)
Durant Silo Public Schools (2008)
Durant Victory Life Academy (2008)
Earlsboro Earlsboro Public School (2008)
Edmond Angie Debo Elementary Media Center (2009)
Edmond Boxberger Home School (2009)
Edmond Brittain Home School (2009)
Edmond Cheyenne Media Center (2009)
Edmond Cimarron Middle School (2008)
Edmond Clegern Elementary (2008)
Edmond Crum Home School (2009)
Edmond Edmond Memorial HS Media Center (2008)
Edmond Edmond North High School (2009)
Edmond Fresella Home School (2009)
Edmond Helton Home School (2009)
Edmond Ida Freeman Elementary Media Center (2008)
Edmond Imperial Academy (2009)
Edmond John Ross Elementary (2009)
Edmond Kraft Home School (2009)
Edmond Lange Home School (2009)
Edmond Lusby Home School (2009)
Edmond McCracken Home School (2009)
Edmond Morris Home School (2009)
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