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The National Endowment for the Humanities believes that engaging, masterful works of art can bring the story of America to life.

When displayed on the walls of your classroom or library, Picturing America’s noteworthy, high-quality images offer an innovative way to teach American history and culture. These images, and the accompanying Teachers Resource Book, help students better understand America’s diverse people and places and connect them to our nation’s travails and triumphs.

Visual stimulation enhances learning and makes it more enjoyable. Art can introduce social studies, literature, civics, and even science and math in an immediate, tangible way. With Picturing America, students develop a deeper understanding of history and our shared human—and American—experience.

Benefits of Participation

Picturing America Benefits Include:

  • An innovative, free resource that provides educators with an engaging way to teach American history, culture, and other subjects through the use of artistic images.
  • Public, private, parochial, and charter and home school consortia (K-12), as well as public libraries in the United States and its territories, may receive a total of 40 high-quality, laminated reproductions (approximately 24” x 36”).
  • An illustrated Teachers Resource Book, with activities organized by elementary, middle and high school levels. The resource book will help K-12 teachers use the images to teach core curriculum subjects such as: American history, social studies, civics, language arts, literature, science, math, geography, and music.
  • Access to the Picturing America Web site, which contains additional information and resources, including innovative lesson plans.


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