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Teacher-Developed Resources

Vestavia Hills Elementary Cahaba Heights, Birmingham, Picturing America iMovie

WKMS-FM, NPR affiliate at Murray State University, Picturing America student poems for National Poetry Month

Salem State University, NEH Summer Institute, Picturing Early America: People, Places, and Events 1770-1870

Five Mile Prairie School, Mead, Picturing America lesson plans on How Can Principled Dissent Stimulate/ Facilitate Change in a Democracy?

Additional Resources

We the People Bookshelf Picturing America
ALA Picturing America
The Newberry Library, Chicago, Illinois 2010 NEH Picturing America Conferences website and wiki for teachers
Guam Humanities Council, NEH We the People Initiative: Picturing Guam Classroom Presentation
Picturing America in New York

National Endowment for The Humanities Logo. Link to the American Library Association.